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PIT improves significant the longevity of your products or plants

Pneumatic Impact Treatment (PIT) is currently the international leading HFMI process.
"HFMI - High Frequency Mechanical Impact".

PIT achieves the following effects in effective and reproducible manner:


A significant increase in the fatigue resistance or fatigue life of dynamically stressed constructions

The "International Institute of Welding IIW" recommends, depending on the yield-strength of your material, enhancement factory between 1,55 and 2,25 on the FAT classes, the real results are much higher.


Avoidance or reduction of stress corrosion cracking (SCC)

By superimposing residual tensile stress over residual compressive stress on the surface of the material, we will generally remove the source of stress fracture corrosion completely.


Clear reduction of shrinkage strain and thereby distortion

Pitting of the surface of all layers of a weld will ultimately clearly reduce tensile and shrinkage strains, which will correspondingly mitigate potential distortion.

The PIT benefit in 100 seconds

To our PIT technology explanation video

The benefits of PIT:

  • Higher & more sustainable quality of your products
  • Material savings
  • Avoidance fatigue-related machine and system failures
  • A significantly time and cost saving compared to conventional methods such as burr grinding

We will be pleased to personally demonstrate PIT technology and its substantial potential to you and your collegues, also on-site at your company!


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